Monday, May 25, 2009

Hats off to you Ricky Gervais!

Pure unadulterated hysterical Comedy is what Ricky Gervais has on his hands with his Guide to.... audiobooks, Steve Mercahnt and Karl Pilkington of course join him on his 5 guide topics that include; Medicine, Natural Histroy, The Arts, Philosophy and Guide to the English. The trio which have been doing radio shows and podcasts together for years dish out their opinions and disect each topic while getting down to the root of it by asking what Karl thinks becasue really no other opinion matters except for Karls! So get your butt to iTunes and download these comedy gems and don't be a cheap ass becasue there only $1.95 each which is a steal of a deal for an hour of entertainment.

P.S. These are great for long car rides!!

Here's a clip from one of their podcasts, the day Ricky and Steve made Karl watch Brokeback Mountain.



1 comment:

Cindy said...

Brilliant work Becky! That is a classic moment in time! I'm going to download these bitchin' pods!!!

PS: I love you Ricky!

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