Friday, May 29, 2009

Ginger of the Week

It's that time again, you all look forward to it. Your thighs yearn and burn for them almost as much as their hair burns for you. They are the ginger greats! The super humans with hair that must be impossible to match to outfits.

This week's Ginger makes my knees a little wobbly. His mop of flames has set fire to my heart. How many legendary rock bands can one red head sustain?

The answer? LOTS. I'm telling you people they are super human.

One time I saw Josh Homme on the street in LA and I have never resisted the urge to jump into someone's arms more than I did in that moment. I settled for a 'HI!' several hundred decibels louder than it was intended followed by a nervous laugh.

I'd like to say the story goes further, but nope. It ends there.

When Josh Homme isn't ignoring pretty girls advances on the street, he's rocking out in bands with super cool names that he started like 'EAGLES OF DEATH METAL' and 'QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE' and 'THE DESSERT SESSIONS'

Okay we get it, you're really good at multi- tasking. But maybe it's time for a girlfriend?

EODM-Wanna be in LA

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