Friday, May 29, 2009

Once upon an Aqua time.

What does is sentence evoke in you? "I'm a Barbie Girl...In a Barbie world"

Personally I shutter as memories of my fellow high school-ers doing loser laps in a sea of Chevy Cavaliers up and down Dogwood street bombards me.

Well if your on the other spectrum then thanks to the magic of Photoshop and Euro Pop it appears that Aqua has been perfectly preserved in time and musically stylings for you!

The Danish sensation has just released their new single "Back to the 80's".

Wow. (said with the appropriate amount of sarcasm)

I know I have been sailing the crappy band reunion boat for a bit - this is the last one for a while I promise - but they just keep coming out of the woodwork!

Can't they just be normal D lists and revive their previous glory on "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!"?

One final remark on the subject of "reuniting/comebacks/desperate for cash". Ace of Base is currently small town touring and are slotted to release an new album this year.

I will leave that entry to Blondtron as I know she holds a special haircut in her heart for them.

Yes that is her on the left!

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