Friday, July 24, 2009

Fifty Dead Men Walking

At first “Fifty Dead Men Walking” seems similar to a lot of movies you’ve already seen but then it Karate chops you with an Irish genuineness you weren’t expecting.

Martin McGartland's 1997 autobiography of the same name, the story follows a street hustler from Ireland caught between the IRA and the British agendas in the late 80’s.

But don’t expect all the lame Hollywood flare- it’s gritty, tough, and makes an effort to accurately portray Northern Ireland at the time- thick Irish accents included.

It doesn’t pick a side but instead focuses on the desperation of the people stuck in an unwinnable situation.

Jim Sturgess is so good in this movie I almost forgot that Ben Kingsley is the other leading man.

I heart all things true story and documentary like so if that isn’t your thing then it probably won’t appeal to you in the same way.

But if you are check out da wiki. It goes into further detail on the story but also the events that happened after the film.

"Fifty Dead Men Walking" opens July 31. Go see it!

I would go again but only if the guy who sat behind me and stunk like pickles isn't invited.

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