Sunday, August 3, 2008


HOTMESS: Friday nights from 6:00 to 7:30 on 101.9 CITR

SHAZAM!!! Show number one done and dusted. Put rest. Slaughtered and deep fried. We served it up like the HOTMESS it was. Yes, there were a couple glitches here and there. Yes, it was not the most graceful radio show ever BUT…

The music did kick fuckin’ ass (DJ BlonTron: resident genius) and I thought we were pretty damn entertaining. We had a blast doing it and YES we went out and celebrated our first show like it was our last… which I am guessing is going to become something of a tradition. Thank you Morrissey for you love and boozy support!

There will be some additions next week; DJ BlondTron has a stagette so we are bringing in The Donnelly Groups (lamplighter, Republic) main man DJ Ernold Sane to cover for her. We will be doing a little tweaking here and there as well, so keep listening cuz by week three you guys are gonna be calling The Beat going "Hey weak sause, why can’t you sound like HOTMESS?"

Oh and once we learn how to work the equipment properly we will have pod cast of the show avail on the CITR website. It’s all gonna happen people… just in it own time.

Now I gotta go kill this acid reflux from last night’s shenanigans.


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