Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Monkey Baby

TLC is branching outside of its exciting world of midgets, multiples, and morbid obesity to bring us to new heights/new lows of entertainment in "My Monkey Baby".

Listen to their marketing blurbs

“With her pink bedroom, a designer wardrobe, the latest toys, games and makeup, Jessica Marie is like any spoiled little girl … Except that she’s a monkey,” the show’s description reads.

“Just what makes a couple take on a 40-year commitment to an eternal toddler? How strong is the parent/monkey bond? It’s an extraordinary look into the real-lives of people parenting monkeys in America.”

That last sentence just blew my mind.

The “real lives of people parenting monkey in America?” Is this something people do?


October 4th at 6pm grab your banana and get ready to ride the train to crazy town.



Ham Wallet said...

I strongly feel the name of this show should have been "My families furry little secret"

Anonymous said...

TLC has gone too far! My Monkey Baby is a disgrace! Do you think there's a market for a show which literally tortures its contestants? Animals are not on this planet for our amusement by sick people and you have them a show? SHAME ON YOU!!! I will not watch TLC or any of its programs until this show will disappear!
PLEASE tell TLC to stop airing this show!
To leave them your comment, go here http://extweb.discovery.com/viewerrelations

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