Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Put a Ring on That Shit

The Beyonce, as I like to call her killed her fourth date of her I am Sasha Fierce Tour. Production was a little off, but she sang everything, except when she was doing summersaults suspended over the audience on a harness. Right off the top she tossed in some covers, both Canadian Sarah Mclachlan Angel and Alanis Morrisette's You Outta Know. Sasha, Beyonce one of the two, finished up the medley in an avante garde wedding dress and sang Ave Maria. Other Surprises were the numerous Destiny's Child tracks thrown into remixes there were tons, too many to count, and she even sang Etta James track, with a video tribute to Obama(surprise, surprise). Overall the show was awesome, I really liked the giant screen that made up the back wall of the stage, my only real complaint is that she ended the show with Halo, great song but a little to mellow to end a show with. Beyonce, you of all people should end with a bang not a poof.

I am Sasha Fierce I mean Vintage, I mean Ready Eddy what?/??????


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