Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Juno's and Celebunots

Ahh the Juno's are done and one can only look back and wonder what really happened, all I do know is that the Canadian Musicians are treated really well with all the awesome gear they get,

From Skull Candy Headphones

To Ben Sherman Duds,

And Some Rockin Mavi Jeans

It's a swag lovers dream, besides that there was no shortage of bevies. Which of course allowed me to capture these oh so flattering images with Canada's totally, way better hybrid version of Ryan Seacrest - George Stomboldsoipufdslfhwrfouhwh

And the almost runner up from this Season of Project Runway Canada, Kim Larson

The one image that would have probably gotten us the most hit's on this site I sadly failed at, but that's because his people are so full force on guard it's impossible.. Yes the one the only, the 16 year old girls wet Dream Robert Pattinson was at three events I attended this weekend, and I actually sat on the same couch as him. Here is my question, whats the freakin deal, he's skinny, pale and looks premamnently tired and sad... tell me whats so great about that? Anyway other than being really shy, aloof and guarded he seems like a pretty cool guy. So overall if your a lover of music, this was an amazing weekend, seeing over 16 live shows in 4 days definitely blows your mind and soul. I loved every minute of it, and would be stoked to do it all again.

Over and Out Vintage.

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