Saturday, April 4, 2009

So, do you think I can dance???

I got my self up and out of bed early this morning to hang with some of Canada's finest movers and groovers in hopes of picking up a few tips I could take to the clubs.....
the ladies from the Source Dance Crew from BC told me gangsta is where it's at ! I'm not convinced.
Blake McGrath former 2005 SYTYCD season contestant, current judge and star of MTV's Dance Life came out of the closed door auditions to give up some peace signs, clearly he has not seen me dance or he would never be caught dead in the same room as me !

Dana from White Rock BC moves on to day two of Vancouver audtions
Why so sad?

All the lovely ladies, workin their super fly dance gear

...and me, picking up my car from the impound lot after getting towed today ! Grrrr do you think I can dance my tickets away??


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