Sunday, April 5, 2009


Yeah yeah, this will probably offend some people but I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a Kevin Smith movie... Jersey Girl? No. Clerks 2? Nope. Yet somehow I found myself watching this last night:

I was so fucking disappointed in the end. It's just a bunch of ridiculous and adolescent potty humor. I was left praying the bloopers and outtakes would make up for the whole thing, not sure they did.

I swear... a lot! And I was even put off by how much cursing and unnecessary vulgarity was going on, in the guise of comedy. I guess I thought because it had a good cast staring Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks that it would at least be entertaining. I was wrong. Justin Long and Seth Rogen do these improv scenes that come across forced, trying way to hard to be funny and failing. Superman, Brandon Routh, is out of his element in between these two and it shows. The movie has a stupid ending and the whole thing comes off as a sad excuse for Kevin Smith to do a bunch of badly shot sex scenes. It was donkey sex in Clerks 2 and a camera guy getting shit on his face in "Makes a Porno"... and its not funny! It comes off as perverted.

Highlight? Tyler Labine as the drunk Steelers fan.

Well there you have it, don't waste your time on this one folks. I did and I want my five buck back.


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Cindy said...

I would have to concur on the matter!

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