Saturday, August 16, 2008



As I sit here in my ginch listening to our latest podcast ( I am shocked and awed. We had a show last night that not only lived up to our name HOTMESS but also kicked fucking ass. We had STEVE BAYS call in from the HOT HOT HEAT, that's crazy. We talked about recording in their home made studio, buying guitars and the clean back alley's of Vancouver. Then we played a bunch of their music. Check'em out and here are some of the smallest pictures of HOT HOT HEAT I could find on the interweb:

THEN we had CURTIS SANTIAGO come and drink beers with us IN the studio! We talked about his new album, his artwork and making out with chicks. Then we played a bunch of his music.
We are officially the coolest radio show in Vancouver!! It's official people... But the fun did not stop there. We also had another chat with our fabulous HOTMESS Olympic correspondent Rachel. She filled us in with the raw deal over there. Then, if you weren't entertained enough, not satisfied by all we had given you, we gave you more because we like to go above and beyond the college radio norm so we brought in guest DJ Duster...

Duster smashed the last set on the show. He had all his peeps at some big, free vodka party listening to the show, they called in to give us props... IT WAS CRAZY PEOPLE!

Check out the Dust on his blog and check out the bartending/DJ school they have going on, cuz that's the best combo since Vodka Soda!!!

Whew, so there you have it... it was messy and moist cuz it was so sweaty in that little room but we brought the thunder people. For all of you listening out there, we thank you and if you aren't you're missing out on something special.

After the show we went out for a quasi civilized dinner with our beautiful ladies friends and wives at another one of my favorite restaurants, Tapastree... Thanks for the love Drew!! Dinner was great. Keep reading the blog, keep listening to the show and check the podcast because somethings happening here...


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