Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, I’ve been away for a little while but now I am back. We had our second show on Friday and I think it was pretty damn good. BlondTron was greatly missed for the last half of the show but a big thanks to Ernold Sane who brought the thunder for the whole show… His music is awesome.

On the show we said we would be posting some of Ernold Sane's music and shit up on this thing but that hasn’t happened yet.

Hmmmmmm…. I hold myself not responsible.

But it will be here soon.

OK, can I just say I had the craziest Friday night one could imagine? Let me regale you with our story, it went a little something like this:

6:00 – 7:30: Radio show… was awesome by the way, have I mentioned that yet?

8:30: Handsome Anderson, Jason Awesome and Ready Eddy walk into a bar… Joey’s downtown. We sit at the bar to decompress, have a meal, beverages and talk about how much we missed Sam (BlondTron) Matthews. At the Joeys bar, sitting next to Jay, is a crazy drunken douche bag dude from the Caribbean. Jay, being the pleasant fellow his is strikes up a conversation with him involving Yager shots (surprised? NO…) I decline the Yager shots and catch a funny stare from our new non friend/drunken nuisance of a bar neighbor… the drunken douche.

After the stares start to become uncomfortable and the drunk douche picks up a wooden spoon and starts waving it and hundred dollar bills around in the air… I think I would give him some daps and get myself out of the situation. As I raised my relaxed fist in an offering of faux male friendship, this fucker winds back and punches my knuckles as hard as he can. Jay (the Jammer) Brown then goes to give him a high five, the Caribbean fuck nut winds back again, aiming to maim but misses and smashes his hand down into Jay’s fresh green salad.

Now, here we are after a lovely success of a radio show… sitting at Joeys bar trying to have a good time and this dick weed is punching salads. Jay tries to defuse the situation with his smooth talking clever word play (which usually includes copious amounts of loud swearing) and this drunken idiot gets that creepy drunk look in his eye, and all with a smile starts slapping jay on the back… hard. Now we are gentlemen and kinda sober and at a mildly respectable joint, so we aren’t going to start a brawl but things are getting out of hand.

So… here’s the kicker… the bar manager, who has been around this whole time, comes over and gets mad at Jay about his inappropriate language. HA!

Enough is enough. 

Jay loses it. He lets the manager know that he is being accosted by one of their drunken patrons, who should probably NOT be receiving more shots and ruining people lives with his salad punching, she should have cut him off… I'm paraphrasing here but it sounded kinda like this “Fuck you, you shitty Joeys bar manager. We are out of here and Douchey McDouchenstein over here from the Caribbean, with his wooden spoon and hundred dollar bills is paying for all our food and drinks. Thanks for nothing, Joeys sucks.”

We leave.

10:00: Handsome Anderson, Jason Awesome and Ready Eddy walk into a bar…and get drunk with Bill Nye the Science Guy, Dave Foley and K-OS… AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Yes folks our lives resemble a HOTMESS… no pictures for this blog but let me just say Friday night was like some deliciously dangerous dream, I never wanted it to stop… but I wish it had never happened.


PS Bar Manager at Joeys on Burrard, you suck.

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