Friday, August 1, 2008

Pemberton, Seattle and Sleep Deprivation Equals one Hot Mess

Yo, I have been MIA for ages, lame especially since I have been the one pushing the HotMess Crew to blog. Well I hit up pemberton for five fantastically dirty, sweaty and dusty days, followed by the riding of the Drop Zone at playland and a 14 hour day trip to Seattle. Throw in a few session at the gym and my body is in a full 100 percent revolt. Regardless I loved every minute of it. More importantly I'm a buzz with the anticipation of tonight's inaggural broadcast... and I hope that you all are too. Im gonna throw up some highlight photo's of pemberton and a Seattle pic or two for you to enjoy. Hopefully the Hot Mess Crew all makes it to the Grand Opening of PoP Opera tonight... Vancouver's newest nightlife establishment. Thats all I got saving the rest for on the air. DJ DStar in the house. Ready Eddy?

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