Monday, September 29, 2008

Why is Sinden So awesome?!

I don't know, it's a mystery, but he absolutely killed it last Monday. He brought back Saturmon with a vengeance. You might find yourself asking, 'Wait a second... What is Saturmon?' Well my friends, chances are you have experienced it once in your lifetime. I have had the pleasure far more than I care to admit.  

Saturmon [sat-er-mon]

When Monday Dresses up like Saturday and tricks you into partying.

Now you have a word to attach to the pain of Tuesday morning. Cures for the Tuesday after a Saturmon include:

Making fake offsite meetings, borrowing a company car and napping in a park.

Starbucks breakfast sandwiches (not the coffee, that would definitely make it worse, because then you'd have the guilt of a small farmer from Guatamalen in the pit of your stomach which REALLY doesn't go well with a Saturmon hangover. )

And of course chocolate milk. Little known fact. Chocolate Milk is a saint.

So thank-you Sinden and F U Saturmon, really one led to the other but Sinden's music is too good to put the blame on him.

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