Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chinese Democracy - Redux

Check out this wicked G N' R mashup yo!!!!

Regarding CHINESE DEMOCRACY: I know the album came out a while ago... but I wanted time to really absorb it into my spongy brain before I gave my opinion.

I wanted to put the album in a pot on my stove along with secret herbs and spices and let it simmer for 72 hours to create a rock suace of such tastiness that I could serve it up to you a la carte with course after course of delicious delights.

I wanted to analyse the album scientifically. I wanted to put on a white lab coat and boil it down to it's baser elements in a chemistry lab thereby extracting each of it's primal ingredients.

I wanted to listen to Guns N' Fuckin' Roses entire catalogue one album after another and compare each note for note while watching a visual montage of the band through the ages. I wanted to try to have an unbiased ear. I wanted to put aside what I felt about cornrows (as a hairstyle) and what appears to be some light botox work on Axl's formerly angelic face and just "hear" the music.

I wanted to be right about what I liked and wrong about what I didn't.
I wanted the last 17 years of chaotic world events to be summed up musically.
I wanted Hell to freeze over and the angels to piss their names in the snow.
So I listened and ultimately came to the conclusion that my opinion doesn't mean fuck all.

What do you think?



Handsome Anderson said...

Hmmmmm, well Jay I haven't run out to the buy the album yet but from what I heard on myspace... I don't know if I will.

The music sounds really well produced but on the bad side so does his voice. It's like they softened the edges on his falsetto and now it sounds too girly. Also on the tracks Chinese Democracy and Shaklers Revenger it sounds like someone else is singing and Axl is doing background. So much of Gun'N Roses sounds was the raw amazing whine of Axls voice and if you fuck with that your fucking with their core. Considering they could have put out 10 albums since then it's definatley a let down for me... but then again after all these years could it ever have lived up to it's own hype?

blondtron said...

I prefer cornrows on farms, I also prefer Axl 10 years ago.

opportunityisnowhere said...

If you saw Velvet Revolver live and experienced Scott Weiland perform the old Gunner's hits, you will know as I do that Axl was never needed.

All Axl has is a band name and a band of losers that most likely gave lessons at Guitarworks 6 months ago and are now trying to get their jobs back.

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