Sunday, December 14, 2008


Artsy urban snow photographs? Yeah I’m doin’ it!

I was at some house party, not really watching the CANUCKS lose to the OILERS... more watching dudes get shittered and high until they barf in the sink. I was getting a little saucy myself but trying not to get too saucy cuz I have to work tomorrow, so I walked out of the mayhem and into a winter wonderland!!

I know I may be crass at times but unless you are homeless or heartless the night of the first snow in Vancouver is pretty fucking spectacular. All the cities grotesque sounds are muffled under a lovely layer of white crunchy goodness.

It always brings me back… when I was a kid I always walked my old dog Cassie through the first snow of the year. She loved running around and making fresh prints. Tear.

It takes me back to the first snowball exploding of the windshield of some idiots car… then dude stops, rolls down the window to yell at you and gets 3 more in the face. The first massive snow boulder of the year, carefully maneuvered down a hill for maximum growth then left in the middle of the road for drivers to deal with. And the first half cut wiz where you try to write hotmess but only get to hot me… which is ok too. Hours of pure joy and entertainment… leaving your nose running, hands tingling with frost bite and a shit eating grin on your face.

I love that first night when it snows, you immediately turn to the person next to you and start planning to “hit the slopes” with a mickey of rum and a stomper. Fucking snow rocks. It makes this city look amazing… for one goddamn night. Then the next morning everything gets dirty, turns to slush and ruins your shoes. Ahhhh but that first night of snow… nothing beats it. Here’s to you Vancouver, you gorgeous C U Next Tuesday. Thanks for being awesome!


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blondtron said...

I love the snow, it's so romantic. Makes me want to give Vancouver a big kiss.

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