Friday, February 27, 2009


No not this Jay Brown... although he looks like he can hold his liquor and have your back in a bar brawl like any other.

I'm talking about this chap here, HOTMESS hooligan JAY BROWN (found this gem on the web HAHA)

The planets must be aligned because it's Friday, we have a radio show tonight and it's Jay's birthday. What a lovely way to start a night of debauchery. How old is he turning? No one knows, he hasn't aged a day since I met him and like a great scotch he just get better with time.

I met Jay back in the MTV days and we have been partners in crime ever since. Since then we have both spent the a night or two in the tank... and watched each others careers flourish in the lime light. He's a good old Calgary boy who came out to the big city to do big things. I'm proud to call him a friend and jealous of his fantastic cardigans. Here's to you Jay Brown Happy Birthday! You're no slouch.


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