Thursday, February 12, 2009


I love Friday, I love this Friday especially because I decided to drink champagne at work in my coffee mug and everything is just bubbly. We've got a fresh show tonight that will be up here by tomorrow so make sure you check back! In the mean time download all these fresh tunes that I've been seriously vibing this week. Have a hot and messy weekend!!!

There is something about the melody of this song, it's so fabulous, I want to go to a sock hop like right now.

And here's a fresh take from Madcon....

Madcon-Beggin (Original Version)

A weekend isn't a weekend without some crazy Kanye! Diplo KILLS the remix... (this is in last weeks show)

Kanye West - Flashing Lights (Diplo Remix)

Rabble rousing past guests Jokers of the Scene have been a frequent play on my ipod this week.

Scott Cooper & Andy George-Jump & Twist (Jokers of the Scene Remix)

I am not normally a big Drum n Bass person but this song makes me want to be in a work out montage in a triumphant sport movie.

Nu:Tone feat Natalie Williams-System (Matrix and Futurebound)

Jesse Rose is EFFING AWESOME. And I just like saying 'touch my horn'.

Jesse Rose-Touch My Horn (Mad Kids Remix)

I played this in our last podcast and it still is haunting my playlists, Grace Jones you crazy amazon woman, let's paint each other's bodies and make head dresses out of radiator parts.

Grace Jones-Williams Blood (Aeroplane Remix)

BUY IT ALL (Beatport)

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