Monday, February 2, 2009


SuperBowel is a new product idea I came up with. it's a 100% high fibre medicine designed to keep the old men who entertain us at the Superbowl half-time show regular. It's basically liquid Drano for the lower-intestine. There's no reason that Bruce Springsteen should feel constipated before he gets on that stage to bore the shit out of me.

Sorry "Boss" but I couldn't enjoy the party cuz I was too worried your knees would snap as you twisted and shouted your way around the stage.

I totally respect some of your older work, like NEBRASKA is a potent and sobering look at the American condition, but seriously it's time to put this shit to rest. That means you too Tom Petty and DON"T EVEN get me started on the Rolling Stones.

Here's something for the kids....



1 comment:

Ready Eddy said...

Ha Ha Ha, Superbowel! I love it !

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