Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ferry List

Alright, while the rest of the hotmess crew is out covering the RedBull 3styles competition I decided to get away to the Island. We here at the mess are going to get crazy busy so a little calm before the storm can't hurt. Here I sit on the ferry, it's 8pm and dark... and jack all to do except rock my pod so what better reason than to make a nice little playlist.

Serioulsy? I just looked over at the screens and BCFerries is playing a rousing episode of the Cheetah Girls! Look BC Ferries, don't you know that Disney is Shit! And all you over 12 year olds that are wearing your Tinkerbell swearshirts and Goofy hats right now, grow the fuck up, you look like an idiot and your friends are just too nice to tell you!

On to the music, Now as per Jay's request I'm putting out a call to all you DJ's out there he would like a nice remix of Elton Johns' "Island Girl" that way we could add it to our playlist and Awesome Jay would be oh so happy !

I kick off my Ferry playlist with some tracks from Common's latest Album "Universal Mind Contral" I particularily enjoy the title track, along with "Make My Day" which features Cee-Lo. Is the same Cee-Lo that had a rabbit in his hat? Finally I get to listening to "Announcement" it Features Pharell, nuff said.

Next, I got a little Fall Out Boy.. I bet your thinking Fall out Boy? Really? Yes it is true I am 15%emo, 20% Ed Hardy Douchebag, 20% American Apparel Hipster, 15% Gossip Girl watching 13 year old and 30% Eddy so get over it! So the Fall Out Boy track is "Tiffany Blews" off of "Folie A Deux" the songs says please remix me so I sit and listen to the original in anticipation of what some of you musical masterminds out there can do.

NEXT! Robyn, Robyn is great, she has been around for a while and now has a kinda new, album. I'm sure Blondtron is reading this and thinking about 95 reasons the swedish popstar is shite, but it is what it is! I'm listening to a Roger Sanchez remix of "Be Mine" which is actually not that good, but it made me think of the original which is really good so listen to the original, or another remix Im sure there is a good one out there, just not one by Roger Sanchez,thanks 1995!

Ok Almost Done "LMFAO" these guys are gonna rip your face off, but in a good way. There single "I am not a Whoare" Bumps your brain on the sides of your skull, and their live performance is wicked good. There album will be dropping soon, so check em out, and remember you heard it here first on

There you have it a few tracks to listen to when you have a long set of travel ahead of you and nothing else to do.. but again as Mr. Awesome always says
"Talking about Music is like Dancing about Architecture" so buy some music and make your own opinions, hell send them over to us, we might even post them up on here or talk about it in the podcasts..

Vintage !


Cindy said...

i LOVE that new Common album. Matty played it for me last night. Every track made me feel pants-funny.

Jayson Awesome said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jayson Awesome said...

The above comment actually came from me. I'm the one who feels pants-funny. It was me. Sorry for the confusion. I know you were shocked and excited to think that someone new actually made a comment on one of our blogs but you were dead fucking wrong Ed. And another thing ready or vintage or whatever else you think you would like to call yourself...oh wat....fuck...i lost my train of thought. shitfuck. whatever i'm bored, i'm going to eat some all-dressed pringles and dip them in a delightful Philly cream cheese paste. it's kind of gross but i also like to put tuna in my Kraft dinner and call it a casserole so bite me. I find that tuna also tastes good in Ichiban noodles. Add a little hot sauce and you have a great late night snack. Sure I eat like a bachelor who gets paid in food stamps but it's a choice. I know what I like. Can everyone say the same? People go through their lives searching for identity and never fully realize it. If I want to be a prinlge/ tuna eating motherfucker i will so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

cordially yours,


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