Friday, January 30, 2009

Battle for DJ supremacy!

In the same way that Captain Kirk often battles strange creatures from far away worlds so too will many of Vancouver's top DJ's battle each other tonight at the Commodore the death. Well maybe not but it will be a BLOODY good time!

Kicking off tonight in the 604, Red Bull 3Style will travel across the country searching for Canada’s most versatile Party-Rock DJ. At each event, 8 local DJ’s will perform for 15 minutes each with only one simple rule in mind: play at least 3 genres of music as 5 judges will evaluate each performer based on creativity, track selection, skills, stage presence, and audience response.

All 10 local market winners will compete at the Red Bull 3Style National Final happening on March 12 in Toronto.

Being the krazy kool kats that we are, naturally we had to be there! We'll bring you the results of the Van competition soon right here via video podcast! And who knows, if you're there tonight you might even end up on our show!

Tonight's Competitors:

PLUS Rico Uno, P Luv and Marlon J English

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