Friday, March 13, 2009


So, right before I left for LA, Eddy Vintage and I caught Estelle at The Vogue... It was awesome! Supper simple show, no smoke and lights just her and a band on stage being great... OH and it wasn't even close to being sold out by the way. I couldn't believe it, this girl was just at The Grammys on stage with Kanye West and now she is at this theater in Vancouver and NO ONE CAME!?! Those who know how wicked she is and showed up were treated to a fantastic show. She killed every song and told funny little British tales of heartbreak in between. She also says "Aw shit!" a lot.

She had an all male band with 3 back up singers and a DJ. The thing that killed me was the guitar player who the only white guy on stage. He looked like he had just finished a Dungeon and Dragons game in his moms basement and came straight to the show. He stuck out like a sore thumb but was having the best time and killed the show.

The only negative thing I have to say about the show goes to the two skinny drunk chicks in the front row screaming like idiots over Estelle while she was trying to speak to the crowd. I thought they may get kicked in the head, which would have been awesome but Estelle was in a great mood and brought them up onto the stage to slink around for her last track. Classy move. I would have kicked them in the head.

Overall it was an action packed hour of fun and great singing. It left me wanting more and I loved that it was so intimate. Concerts like that are rare and amazing. If you have a chance to see Estelle anywhere, anytime... GO!


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