Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Fame

Lady Gaga brought the arena to the club. Hanging out waiting for Gaga my anticipation for the show was distracted by the nearly naked trashy bimboettes wandering around the Commodore. Normally, you would appreciate a delicately exposed pair of legs or a pumped up pair of breasts but tonight it wasn't exactly a dream. That all was quickly forgotten when the true princess of pop dropped the white curtain and exploded on to the stage with Love Game. Gaga's sense of artistic flair took this club show to a whole new level. LED screens, 30mm film, lights, costumes and video inspired by fashion and art brought you into a gallery come to life and beside all of that she sang every single song and danced her perfect little buns off. The only complaint I have is I wish she had taken the time to sing Future Love straight through from start to finish without stopping as it showcases her incredible voice. Gaga is a true pop pioneer and an experience not to be missed. Gagalicious.

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