Monday, March 9, 2009

So this is what it's like when DOVES cry...tears of JOY!!

Sorry to interrupt Ed's lame-ass self help blog below but I think there are more important and pressing matters at hand, for example the DOVES ARE ABOUT TO RELEASE A NEW ALBUM AND MAKE THEIR WAY TO MY NECK OF THE WOODS! They're probably coming to you too but I really couldn't give a shit.
Bottom line- they ooze liquid awesomeness out of every orifice (I know I once went camping with them...just kidding). Some of their songs make me want to suck my thumb and drift off to the land of nod while other songs make me jump around like a little kid in the pouch of a kangaroo riding a pogo stick on the moon.
And here's their latest video!

Doves are so rad they're basically like a giant middle finger to all other acts from the UK.
Yeah, we're looking at you Chris got something to say about it?!?!?!?
Didn't think so. Bitch.

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