Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fashion! Turn to the left... Fashion! Turn to the right

Vancouver Fashion Week is the epicentre of the global couture industry, and Hot Mess went to check out the Cara Vetta / Vicinity show at the Chan Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts and Sciences in Vancouver, or whatever that building is now called. As you can see, this was a slice of Milan glamour in our little Pacific burg:

Check out the Microsoft Word toolbars on that screen. They left it that way for the whole show. With production values thus established, other details followed accordingly. This poor girl had to do her walk in silence, as the track that had been playing ended and they didn't have another song queued up. Look at the sad model:

There were a few highlights though. Andy Samberg made a surprise appearance, and, after doing his little turn on the catwalk, sang a song about premature ejaculation. Not really, but doesn't this guy sort of look like him?

Coherence was key, and what better way to establish a theme for your fashion show than to have the fellas wearing jeans and Chucks, and the ladies wearing evening gowns. I guess that's what will be hot for fall this year.

Stay tuned for further hot, messy coverage of Vancouver Fashion Week!

Photos by Graham Cook.

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