Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hmmmmmmmm where do I start with this one? I love hip hop and R&B. Rock and Roll had Guns'N Roses and "Chinese Democracy". I think Hip Hop and R&B or what was label "neo-soul" has D'Angelo... (and Lauren Hill but that's another story)

2000's "Voodoo" is an amazing album. I fell in love while listening to that album, it brings back amazing memories and it's one of the few albums that I have listened to regularly for almost 10 year straight. If you haven't heard it or you are unaware of who D'Angelo is... he's this guy:

Go buy "Voodoo"... get a bottle of wine or 5, call up a girl you like and get busy! It's love making music.

D'Angelo has done a couple cameos on tracks here and there over the years. Most recently on Q-Tips "The Renaissance"

But no full length album in 9 years! I know there have been some bad times for D'Angelo... arrests, drug and alcohol and in looking for answers to his whereabouts I came across this great article by SPIN which is not only very informative but ends on a note of hope for an album later on this year. I have been waiting for a long time for D'Angelo to put out another soul smashing album and I cross my fingers it happens sooner than later.


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Blondtron said...

This here is straight baby making music.

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