Thursday, April 9, 2009


Here is HOTMESS' very own DJ Blondtron sporting a mustache... looking like Stalin. I posted this because she denied the fact that she wears a mustache on our last show when I gave her the hipster quiz! Here is the proof people!

Then as I began looking for more pictures of chicks with mustaches I came across this little gem of a blog "Hipster girls in mustaches" Boo Yah! I guess there is a blog for everything these days! This girl Draft Crunk is awesome. My mission is to get DJ Blondtron on her blog!

Hey Draft Crunk your blog is dope... so is ours lets make blog babies together!

PS. BRITNEY SPEARS charging 500 dollars to a limp dick concert sucks... and her telling Vancouver not to smoke weed is like telling starving children in Africa not to eat. Fuck You Britney Spears... Beat it!


1 comment:

daft crunk said...

Yo, just came across this. Send a picture larger than 400 pixels wide to and I'll blog all about it.

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