Monday, April 27, 2009

Hitler was a painter?!?

This interesting little watercolor scene that looks like something you did in grade 11 art class was painted by none other then Adolf Hitler.... for real. Apparently this is one of a series of pieces that were painted by him that sold for over 100K Euros in an auction in London. The art gallery was only expecting to fetch 1000 to 1500 euros for each of these paintings so you can imagine their amazement to realize there is actually a market in Hitler art. Who knew!

Not bad for a guy that was rejected not once but twice from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in the early 1900's, now lets just think on that for a moment if they had accepted young Adolf as a budding new artist instead of kicking him to the curb twice it is quite possible that we would of never heard of the Nazi Party nor ever had a Second world war..... Thanks for that Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna like the painting isn't that bad there's room to grow damn it!!
I love how he's put an X over the dude on the bridge then labeled it with an A.H. indicating a self portrait in case you didn't realize LOL, what's with the red water though Adolf????

This new development in Hitler's bio makes this Joy of Painting with Hitler all the more funnier!!


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