Sunday, April 12, 2009


So, we are back live on air and hammering out a new awesome radio podcast every Friday night! Last Friday we are proud to say we had our first hate call! A truly historical moment we will never forget. I wish I could bottle that hate call with a rubber nipple cap and nurse it for the next 10 years.

What was even more awesome, if that is at all possible, was we got a follow up love call after the hate call! Epic show! It's over there on the right click it and listen to it!

I also caught up with England's Metronomy and had a chat on the show.

These guys are super cool and attach push lights to their chests when playing live shows. I'm a fan... you should be a fan and we should all go to their show next time they come through Vancouver and have drinks. Hooray! Here's a video to watch.

I also have a track here that I can't stop listening too: Jay-Z and Santo Gold, two of my favorite artists in one dope hip hop package, enjoy!

Jay-Z and Santo Gold-Brooklyn_Go_Hard.mp3


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We have our first player hater... and all because people don't know how to dress!

If that angry individual just bought some pants that fit maybe he'd be getting laid instead of hating on hotmess!!!!!!

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