Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Am I alone here?

Despite the fact that Canadians can't compete in the Amazing Race, I have been on this show like a fat kid on a smarty for longer then I would like to admit.

I won't try and invest you in the characters since the season finale is next week. You have missed the boat and I will not hand you a paddle.

On last night's "race to determine the final 3" it came down to the wire between 2 sisters and 2 cheerleaders. The sisters finished first at an eating challenge and cabbed it over to Bejjing's Bird’s Nest to finish. The cheerleaders followed quickly behind but the sisters clung to their lead by a hair - and careful editing.

UNTIL. One sister had to pee. "Really bad."

So instead of racing to Phil they stopped at a porta-potty and lost by seconds. That is the same amount of time it would've taken me to do a victory robot while peeing my pants on the pretty Amazing Race carpet. Batman would do it.

It's a million dollars! A million dollars! If it were my sister I would've dragged her urinating corpse to the mat if I had to. Okay. Too far.

I probably would've deflected to the media later stating the program should slot in bathroom breaks -inhumane treatment. Spin spin spin.
So it begs the question:

Would you have gone to the bathroom or gone for a million?

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Handsome Anderson said...

As Michael Jackson probably sings to the children before bed...You are not alone.
The 1 million dollar pee blew my mind!! I would pee on myself and phil for a million dollars no sweat.

Martin said...

Well... What I have to wonder is: "Which fate is worse?"... Losing 1 million dollars for reasons of bodily function and having the entire viewing population know, OR having to go home and explain to every one you know or have ever known WHY YOU LOST 1 MILLION DOLLARS DUE TO BODILY FUNCTION... I think some therapist is going to eventually have a lot of fun with this one.

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