Monday, May 4, 2009

Chris Cornell-Redemption song?

Those of you who read our blog often might remember when the new Chris Cornell album Scream (produced by Timbaland -WTF?!?!?) came out. I was NOT impressed. I wasn't alone.
There was a fairly brutal backlash on his iTunes page. Soundgarden fans, who weren't dead from choking on their own vomit, managed to pull themselves up off their bathroom floors to let this former grunge god really HAVE IT!

Well now it seems (in what MUST be an effort to redeem himself) Mr. Cornell has tried to appease the spirits of guitar-rock with a complete makeover of his single “Long Gone.”

This is it:

Here's the Timbaland version:

Neither is worthy of being on the same planet as Soundgarden but COME ON.... the below version is awful. The above sounds like the song was meant to sound!! You can't make a 21st century power rock ballad, dress it up like Justin Timberlake and call it INNOVATIVE! It's not.

I just barfed on my keyboard.


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