Thursday, May 7, 2009

Letterman Gives it to Cheney.......

Those of you that follow the political news will know that since leaving office Dick Cheney has not been spending his time fly fishing in a stream somewhere, why would you when you can launch a media tour of Obama-hate! like DUH! Dick has claimed that Obama has raised the risk of attack on America, called his economic policies devastating and said that Obama's trips abroad were disturbing. Um ya Cheney critizing Obama on his Presidency is like Lauren Conrad from the Hills giving Meryl Streep acting tips. Come on now are we really listening to this ridiculousness?!?!?!

Well Letterman's not, he thought it was time to put Dick in his place and remind him of the last 8 years with a segment called; Dick Cheney: HOW'D HE DO?

The US has the best healthcare in the world??? Dick's been telling whoppers again, like he ever stopped! Dick really, your only embarassing yourself here weren't the last 8 years embarassing enough for you. SO GO FUCKING FISHING its what EX President's and VP's do!!!!!

P.S. Can i just say how much I heart David Letterman, you get him Dave!!!!


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