Saturday, May 2, 2009

That's Weird!!!

Holy Shit balls Batman! Looky, Looky what I found!!!!

Listen up peeps, I just found an AWESOME website that'll blow your granny panties off!

Looks like someone who was sick of being a loser; thought it would be funny to laugh at weird shit that no one ever hears about! Check out some of their weird stories. Such classic titles include:

"Cat with 4 Ears" (WARNING: THIS IS NOT YODA)

"Man with No face" (And I'm not talking about that shitty Mel Gibson movie)

"Funny Toilets" (Someone seriously has way too much time on there hands!)

So next time you wake up hungover next to some random nasty chick; burping up that 3 am McDonald's... Run home close all the blinds, have a caesar, and laugh your ass off at other people's misfortunes and stupidness! Cause we all know there's plenty out there!

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