Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dear Zach Galifianakis


Zach we like you... we are stoked about your new movie The Hangover which comes out this Friday. We like your beard and we like the way that you look perpetually hungover, like us.

As a lead up to The Hangover's premier we wanted you on the show. We checked out your website, got your email and sent you a couple invites to HOTMESS last week only to receive automatic replies. We were upset.

The bit you did on Jimmy Kimmel "Kids Say The Darn Funniest Things" (google it)was pretty good stuff. Your talk show "Between Two Ferns" makes us feel awkward and uncomfortable. Your stand up is sweaty and odd. We love it.

We want you on our radio show, to talk about funny shit. You make us laugh and we believe we can return the favor. We are pretty clever and awesome... plus we play dope tunes.

Does anybody reading this have Zach's number? Fuck it. We are going to write an email everyday until you call into the show. This will probably piss you off but we are more pissed off that we are not making amazing radio moments and crushing cold beers together over the air waves.

Here's to harassment.

Your creepiest fans... with contacts,


PS Hey World, Star of the mega hit "Heroes" James Kyson Lee is on the show Friday. Don't miss it!

Got a Hotmess?

Have you recently drawn on someone's face? Found a hot track? Barfed off a ferris wheel? Made or stumbled upon a great video? Poured gravy down your pants? Interested in advertising?


email us at

If we post it the karma fairy will sneeze in your double gin and you'll feel really good about yourself.

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