Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson fans show their love in LA

So yesterday afternoon we all heard the news. Since then there has been a steady stream of people paying their respect all over the globe. In LA the main attraction was his Star on Hollywood Blvd.

It was nuts.

There were thousands of people on both sides of the busy street. There were fences set up all around the star which is directly in front of the famous Mann's Chinese Theater. There were hundreds of news cameras and reporters covering the frenzy and interviewing fans crammed into the fencing like sardines, sweating on each other soaked in LA heat!

It was hot.

Mini business' popped up selling t-shirts, bracelets, signs and all sorts. Some people where there out of curiosity and some were die hard fans. A wide range of people from all over and then there were the impersonators.

It felt a bit like a zoo, which I guess is no surprise.

Like many others there... I still don't know how to feel about it all.

Thanks to those who I talked to for the show. It was an interesting day.

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

1 comment:

‡♥Jet♥‡ said...

I can't understand the appeal. He was a whack job.

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