Friday, June 19, 2009


Okay fine, miming has never been cool.

In an attempt to one-up the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft has come up with a new interface for the Playstation 3, the interface is.... well, no interface at all. Project Natal is full body scanner that tracks your movements and voice so that you become the controller.

It's in the computer!
This just plain freaks me out. People already look stupid playing Wii. Imagine how everyone is going to look now? Well you don't have to imagine, just watch their promo video.

You know how you always think people are talking to themselves when they have a bluetooth in? Picture looking in your neighbours window to this. THE WORLD IS NOT READY. Their are still places in Canada that don't get the internet! I don't get cell service on the train! I still have a flip phone and own a vehicle that requires The Club!

And the scan in feature? What the? The only way I can see myself getting one of these fancy thing-a-ma-jiggers is if I can scan in Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) from True Blood and have my way with him.

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