Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama Rocks It!!! Inside the Obama White House

Last night NBC aired inside the Obama White House letting you have a glimpse of the hustle and bustle of the Obama administration. They introduced you to his young staffers and what a typical day is like for the President, however the coolest thing was that Obama felt like having a burger for lunch so he went and got lunch for his entire staff at a burger joint. Oh yes he did, he went around asking his whole office who wanted a burger, got into his limo and drove to the place and ordered for everyone. He even knew who wanted lettuce on their burger and who didn't. Could this man get any more awesome!!!

They air the second part tonight on NBC but you can click on the title link above and watch the first part on the MSNBC website, I encourage all of you to watch it!

In other news this little gem popped up today;

Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden criticized President Barack Obama stance on the Muslim world in an audiotape released as the U.S. leader began a Middle East tour with a visit to Saudi Arabia, Al Jazeera television said.

What in the fuck!?!?! ummm is this guy even alive? Seriously, in an audiotape recording he criticized oh really!! No one has laid eyes on Osama since.... NEVER, ever, ever ,ever not even through out that whole 9/11 debacle you only saw him on a crappy grainy video that looked like it was recorded in 1984. The dude has been evaporated from this planet, he doesn't exist anymore he's not making audiotapes, come on now! It's probably Dick Cheney in a basement somewhere spreading his Obama hate. Go fishing Dick! preferably in shark infested waters in a small dingy that's easily puncturable and with no paddles.



Martin said...

OMG... thank you for the most hearty laugh I have had all day!!!


Anonymous said...

wtf? he was getting everyone burgers? i would rather he spend his time oh i don't know, fixing the that i don't have to choose between food and toilet paper, cause both are so freaking expensive cause taxes have gone up.

i loved your blog since the first time i read it, and i am gonna give you a pass on this one, but come one, everyone needs to quit with the obama lust. he needs to do his job and quit trying to be everyones friend, the pres makes the big desicions, not everyone is gonna like them. he needs to put on his big boy pants and get the fucking job done.

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