Monday, July 13, 2009

2012- the best disaster movie of all time or effects heavy piece of shit?!?!?

When I saw the original trailer for this movie I was blown away. You know the one where the monk is ringing a bell on a mountain top and then a giant wave comes crashing over the Himalayas and everyone is like- WHAT THE SHIT?!?!

Now I see THIS trailer ....and I see that it's brought to us by the guy who made Independace Day and I'm having a hard time NOT believing that it's going to be a blustery piece of shit. I hope not.

I wish someone would take a premise like this and stop including the fomulaic "one man must save the world" storyline that we keep seeing rehashed.

Will this be the best disaster movie of all time or another special effects heavy piece of garbage?

We'll see.


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