Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fact- Kings of Leon are Chick Magnets

How is it Tuesday and no one has written about the double Kings of Leon concert last weekend? I was politely waiting... no more.

To be honest I think under estimated these guys. I don't often pop my head up into the mainstream but they have arrived in a big selling out arena way.

I can’t speak for Saturday but Sunday there was no lack of "Sex on Fire” in GM place.

Women love these guys. Their pheromones could be felt for miles around. It was honestly a good night to be walking around downtown fellas...

From my angle people mostly had a good two step on until the few songs that have hit the mainstream and then people lost their shit in a big way.

If these guys don’t stick around Caleb Followill would have an amazing career in voice over work… move over Morgan Freeman (doesn’t it seem like he does all voice overs now…even car commercials… seriously). He was strong from start to finish.

Currently Kings of Leon are working on their fifth album which is expected to be released in 2010.

1 comment:

kay zee said...

I cant get into them.

Ive tried. hard.

I just... can't.

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