Friday, August 14, 2009

I DO heart NYC ... I bet you do too!

I'm Back!

My trip to the East Coast included an epic amount of walking, eating, and adventuring.

Everything from watching a taping of the Jimmy Fallon Show to staying in a DUMBO studio where a transexual mocumentary and photo shoots on each corner of the street were occurring.That could possibly be the strangest sentence I have ever written.

I am surprised I got on the plane back. It was a hard choice. I think the humidity made the choice for me.

A few tips I picked up for even the veteran NYC travelers:

*Liquiteria in Mid Manhattan.m It will save your life after 2 days with no sleep.

*Forget the museums – go to Williamsburg to see the History of the Hipster Exhibit... then stroll to Green Point to see the Future of the Hipster display.

* Spend a Saturday night at Union Pool and question why Vancouver doesn’t have a backyard lounge like that.

*Listen to Handsome Anderson and DO NOT bum rush celebrities. I saw Natalie Portman and clung to the moral of his story with every fiber of my being.

She probably would've had her dog do that to me!

*Mad Decent and Diplo were everywhere. They even have an IPhone App that I think I heard more times than the sound of taxi horns honking.

I missed them but keep an eye out for when they come to town- I heard their night really was “cooler than the other side of your pillow”.

*Bask in the fact that any given night an amazing band will be playing somewhere in your vicinity!

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