Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The US Healthcare Fiasco, Debacle, Clusterfuck, Whatever you want to call it.

So the US of A is the only major first world country that does not provide regular healthcare to it's people, the people are required to provide it for themselves. If you've seen the movie Sicko then you know how well that's working out. 50 Million peeps can't afford to provide BASIC healthcare for themselves, that's alot of peeps, becasue of that, 18,000 US peeps die a year needlessly. This is a fact! I'm not pulling this number out of my ass. In case your wondering that's equal to six 9/11's every year, you remeber how we made a huge deal about that right?

So the Democrats led by Obama want to change that system to give every American healthcare, but the Republicans have accused the Democrats who are trying to put an end to all this needless death of being "killers"?!?!?! Say what!

Well, the Republicans need to defend the current system becaue if they don't they will loose the MASSIVE amounts of MONEY they get from private medical firms who benefit from the current system and by benefit I mean make a tonne of money. So the Republicans do what they do best; invent lies, misinform and use scare tactics. We've seen it before, its getting old actually they use the same formula over and over again I'm surprised that alot of American's still fall for it. So this time they came up with DEATHPANELS....... Obama wants to set up deathpanels to euthanize the old and disabled and yes Sarah Palin did really claim that Barak Obama wants to kill her disabled baby, on facebook I believe because that's where you would make such a claim. She is a fucking idiot seriously!!!!

How did they come up with deathpanels? I'll tell you...... So a board member for several PRIVATE HEALTH CORPORATIONS (meaning their only goal is to make $$$), Betsy McCaughey, noticed a clause in the healthcare legislation that would pay for old people to see a Doctor and write a living will where they could stipulate when, if at all, they could go in peace so to speak. Completely voluntary, alot of people want it, I know my own mother wants it. Think about it would you want to be kept alive for a few extra months if you were in agony and couldn't even speak? So good ole Betsy decided to start the rumor that this was a form of euthanasia where old people would be forced to agree to death, thanks for that Betsy. This is of course NOT TRUE and spun into including the disabled which prompted Palin to declare the system "downright evil" again on facebook I believe, seems to be her favored podium. So the Republicans once again were off on a scare tactic mission.

So just to be clear the Republicans get away with defending the system that pays them money and kills 18,000 American's a year and the Democrats are evil. This craziness doesn't stop there.

Right-wing magazine US Investors' Daily claimed that if Steven Hawking had been British, he would of been allowed to die at birth by its "socialist" healthcare system. Ummm Hawking is British and has said through his little computer voice thing, " I wouldn't be here without the NHS"(national healthcare system)..... All you have to do is wiki him to know he's a fucking Brit, I really think Repulicans count on Americans being stupid. Your not stupid inform yourselves.

Also Frank Laffer a right-wing economist claimed on CNN that it would be a disaster if the government got its hands on Medicare, the program that provides heathcare for the elderly paid for by the government......WTF that comment is ridiculous.

The lie is working unfortunately support for the plan that would save lives is falling away. Doesn't everyone deserve healthcare, I live in a country where healthcare is free and its a great system and we don't wait for 18 hours in an emergency room to be helped maybe 1 hour. It seems very plainly to me the only thing that the Republican's don't want to loose is the money they get from medical firms, insurance companies and drug companies.

Its ludacris to claim that Barak Obama is plotting to build death panels to kill your grand parents. Just like Fox news says Egypt is in the middle east, Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, global warming is the greatest hoax in human history, gay marriage will destroy the family unit and my personal favorite Osama Bin Ladden is sitting in a cave somewhere making audiotapes. The Republican party is a bunch of wing-nuts! That tells lies plain and simple.

Do yourself a favor make informed decsions on what's going on in your world and by that I mean, read the facts and the truths, think for yourself(very important step) draw your own conclusion. Also if Sarah Palin is your friend on facebook delete her ass, she's bat shit crazy!

I know its long but its important.

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