Saturday, October 24, 2009


It takes a profoundly life altering experience to make to make a person change their entire belief system. I had that experience last night at Evil Dead- The Musical. Like any average white male Canadian who was baptized in a United Church in small town Ontario, I used to believe in the inherent goodness of mankind. I used to believe in the glory of a higher power. I used to believe in the all enveloping love of a divine deity whose son sacrificed himself for our sins and has 14% alcohol, red wine blood.
Now, I just believe in EVIL.
It just looks way more fun. Evil Dead-The Musical is hilarious replete with the characters, campiness, sarcasm, blood and demons from the movies of the same name that inspired it. The dialogue/ lyrics that poke fun at the stereotypes of the horror movie genre are bang on and side-splittingly, gut wrenchingly, chainsaw-to-the-brain funny. It makes a horrific quadruple homicide in a lonely cabin in the woods seem like a really good time! And what's wrong with that?! Nothing.
I'm totally on board! I'm into fake blood as a fashion statement! Give me the entire Marilyn Manson music catalogue! Buy me a Ouija board for my birthday, because EVIL is here to sta....
Wait. What the fuck was that?

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