Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Sounds and Foxy Shazam

Last night The Sounds kicked and jumped and rocked and danced and spit and smoked and drank and yelled and called us motherfuckers. The audience loved it. I was luke warm about the set. While stand out track Living in America was awesome, the rest of the songs kind of sounded the same.

The real story of the night was the opening act FOXY SHAZAM who were like a bunched of abused caged, animals that only get released before they go on stage. From Cincinatti, OH the band consists of two lead singers, one trumpet, bass, guitar, drums and keys. AND THEY ARE BATSHIT CRAZY. One guy was constantly somersaulting around the stage and telling the audience he was "going to get to you before you get to me" if they tried to kill him. The set ended pleasantly with the bass player going crazy, beating up one of the lead singers and very realistically pretending to snap his neck. Once again I believe in Rock n Roll.

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