Friday, October 2, 2009

Whip It

Vintage sent me the movie Whip it. This movie is to husky white trash girls as Slap Shot was to scrawny white trash boys.

Starring Ellen Page, it's a charming coming of age story with roller skates, fishnets, and bloody noses. She's 22 but plays a very convincing 17. I totally got a semi. Does that make me a pedophile or just a pervert? The movie is full of girls skating and falling and fighting but sadly, there was no SYTYCD style vagina flashing. I think I'm just a pervert.

On the Whip It scale, where 1=the dog breed and 10=the aerosol dairy game, I give this movie a solid 7.63 (a Devo reference would have resulted in a much higher score).

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