Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It has come to my attention that Wonder Woman will be played by Beyonce in the 2011 movie.
Idea for premise: Wonder Woman has to protect white teenage girls from the "Wicked Midget of the West"- played by...well...you know who.
Having your own superhero franchise in Hollywood is where it's at, but if the movie sucks it's game over!!

Just look at the evidence!

Superhero movies that made the careers of the actors who starred in them:
Batman Begins - Christian Bale
Spider-Man- Tobey McGuire
Batman with Michael Keaton
Superman- Christopher Reeve

Superhero movies that destroyed the careers of the actors who starred in them and the lives of everyone who saw them:
Daredevil- Ben Affleck
The Batman movie that starred Val Kilmer...as Batman...I know.. gross.
Both attempts at making The Punisher- Dolph Lundgren sucks!
Ghost Rider- Nicolas Cage sucks.
Elektra- Jennifer Garner
Judge Dread- Sylvester Stallone
Wolverine- Hugh Jackman- I had high hopes for this one but it was lame too!

I have my fingers crossed for you Beyonce. You too Ryan Reynolds.

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Layne said...

They're kidding. Right?

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