Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Matt Good

I love Matthew Good like the abusive father I never had. I think most people know him for his 90s hits, but the guy has put out a lot of material since then (seven albums or EPs this decade), and he's one of the most underrated songwriters there is, in my opinion. Now, trust me when I say I mean this as a compliment: there's nothing I want to listen to more when I'm feeling like hanging myself than some Matt Good. The best cure for depression is to wallow in it, I always say. The show last night at The Centre was nothing less than I expect from one of his shows, and I've seen a lot of them: the music (especially the vocals) were tight as fuck, Matt cracked some jokes, and the crowd yelled the names of obscure songs. Fortunately, he is one artist who actually does reach deep into the back catalogue with frequency, so everyone leaves the room happy.

Photos by Graham Cook.

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