Monday, January 19, 2009

Blondtron + Lil Wayne + Pharell = Sexiest polyandric marriage of all time

Listen up. I heart them, I can't help it. I can deal with my grandmas horror when I bring home a guy with tattoos on his face. Wheezy and Pharell are on my top ten for life.... I thought this new lil gem was a dubstep remix, but no, it's the original. See... if I married both of them these kind of tracks would be coming out allll the time. Our power couple (trouple?) name would be Lil Bleezell... okay I'm still working on the conjugation.


Beckstar, Queen of the Galactic Robot Mafia said...

a) I love your blog.

b) I am currently dreaming of being the second wife in this situation. Let's get all Utah up in this ish!

Actually, fuck it. In that household, I'd totally be the family dog.


Jayson Awesome said...

Are you trying to tell us you're pregnant?

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