Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm worried about Carrot Top

Carrot Top was my first interview on MTV Canada back in 2002... he was a nice guy and did some funny jokes, I think he had a microphone with a bong strapped to it and he did an impression of Whitney Houston singing "I will always love you" while taking a hit! I laughed.

He was skinnier then.

What the hell has happened to him? He has the face of a tranny complete with overworked eyebrows and the body of a roid monkey! He's a comedian... that's not funny, it's scarey as hell. Look at his veins, why isn't the person taking this picture putting down the camera and making him stop... and is he not wearing any pants? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE CARROT TOP?
You should be in The Wesrtler 2 as Mickey Rourkes crazy love interest. You guys were made for each other. You can spot each other in the gym, give each other roid injections and nurse each other back to health after each facial sugery.

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Jayson Awesome said...

You owe me a new computer. I just puked all over mine.

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