Monday, January 26, 2009


I can't sleep...

I hate it when that happens. Sooooo since Jay has been kicking all our asses on the blogging tip, I thought I would empty my head out onto the blog and hope for a good nights rest!

I had an awesome weekend. Friday night we ended up doing a late night HotMess show with some wicked DJ's that Blondtron brought in... she'll tell you all about that cuz I wasn't there. I was babysitting my 3 year niece, having a gay old time, drinking hot chocolate, listening to Puff the Magic Dragon and coloring in some Dora the Explora coloring books. It was choice.

Now, I know it will be hard to believe that my Saturday night could top my Friday night but it did. Istarted it off interviewing with Matt McGinley, drummer and co-founder of GYM CLASS HEROES. They were here on tour with non other than Lil' Wayne but cancelled their Vancity appearance cuz the lead MC Travis McCoy was ill. Matt was a super rad dude and we will be airing said interview on our next show. So check it out!

Here is their myspace which you should also check out, ya heard?

Following Gym Class Heroes, ON THE SAME DAY... were the lovely chaps from METRONOMY. They had just rolled into vancouver after some minor border issues and after completing their sound check took time out of the precious schedule to have a chat about dope remixes and the "half dance". They're all about internet presence, especially myspace so check this linky dinky out as well.

Super duper cool mothers with great hair and fabulous shoes... I am now a huge metronomy fan. Their show at The Biltmore in Vancouver was packed and off the wagon rails! Check out their interview on our show as well... as soon as Ed fucking posts it.


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