Monday, January 26, 2009

Recession Rock

When Weezer and Oasis start touring together you know times are tough.

According to my friend Kheav we will see more and more unlikely double bills in the future and can now refer to this phenomenon as RECESSION ROCK. (Pictured: Me and professional roadie Henri H.M.C. McFuncow)

Big names with completely different sounds combining forces to bring you the concert goer the most bang for your buck.
I'm not sure how I feel about this. Like Oasis and the Black Crowes I could understand but never in my life have I been all "I need to make a mix tape with BUDDY HOLLY on it! Then what I'll do see is I'll put WONDERWALL right after it. I'll play the tape in my '87 Bronco 2 on the way to the concert and my friends will think it's totally sweet. They'll appreciate the time I put into it and I'll blow their minds when they hear the transition from WHAT'S THE STORY ( MORNING GLORY) into HASH PIPE. Maybe we'll roll down the windows and sing along real loud and let the world know that we wished the 90's never died." I miss my Doc Martens.

My WEEZER interview from Urban Rush

Peace. Jay

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